Aspirin ‘major bleed’ warning for over-75s

Image copyright Getty Images People over 75 taking daily aspirin after a stroke or heart attack are at higher risk of major – and sometimes fatal – stomach bleeds than previously thought, research in the Lancet shows. Scientists say that, to reduce these risks, older people should also take stomach-protecting PPI pills. But they insist […]

Drug that creates a ‘real sun-tan’ could prevent cancer

Image copyright Getty Images Scientists have developed a drug that mimics sunlight to make the skin tan, with no damaging UV radiation involved. The drug tricks the skin into producing the brown form of the pigment melanin in tests on skin samples and mice. Evidence suggests it will work even on redheads, who normally just […]

Charlie Gard: European Court orders life support extension

Image copyright Featureworld Image caption Charlie Gard’s rare disease has left him unable to cry The parents of a terminally-ill baby have been given more time to put forward a legal case that he should be allowed to go to the US for treatment. Life-support for Charlie Gard must continue until midnight on Monday, the […]

‘Seductive names’ make vegetables more appealing

Image copyright Paul_Brighton/Getty How do you get more people to eat their greens? Give vegetables seductive names, say US researchers. A team at Stanford tried it out on students in the university cafeteria and found veggie sales went up by 25% when indulgent labels were used. “Sizzlin’ beans”, “dynamite beets” and “twisted citrus-glazed carrots” tempted […]

Women travelling to England for abortions

New figures show that 180 women travelled from Scotland to England for an abortion last year. The British Pregnancy Advisory Service said this highlighted the difficulty in obtaining late-stage terminations for women north of the border. The law currently allows the procedure up to 24 weeks of pregnancy, and 73 of the 180 women who […]